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Raw Teens

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Runtime: 124


Barely legal and filled with lust, this sticky good gathering of gorgeous young guys is the cream of the colossally cocked crop! These sex soaked scenes are slam packed with beautiful, big dicked babes ripe and ready for anything. With their budding young sexuality at it’s peak, these pretty boys bang booty bareback to explosive climaxes. Every scene is stuffed with hung hotties hammering tight, hungry twink holes and filling those smooth back seats with fresh, hot cream!

Raw Teens



  • Scene 1. Naughty Neighbor

    Texas twink Milo Harper just moved to Vegas and had the good fortune to land on boy faced Bryce Foster's block! Milo is feeling mighty neighborly; so, he knocks on Bryce's door and is immediately invited in. Foster admits he saw Milo and his family moving in and thought the kid was pretty cute! The blushing boy confesses, he TOO has a crush and that's all it takes for these two cute twinks to start playing a torrid game of tonsil hockey! Bryce noticed Harper's huge bulge while he was he moving in and he can no longer contain his cock curiosity. He pull's Milo's pants off revealing a super sized, extremely edible, uncut piece of meat! Foster MUST be famished because he gobbles Harper's huge hog balls deep before Milo's desire for dick deepens and he needs to down blondie's big boner as well! After the twinks taste one another's towering tools, Harper heads behind Bryce to tongue his new neighbor's neither regions. Foster looks back at the beautiful bronze boy and tells him exactly what he wants; and, what he wants is a ferocious fucking! Milo maneuvers his mighty main vein inside Bryce's peaches and cream caboose, grabs the guy's slender hips and hammers hard, digging that delicious dipstick deep till sensuous slapping sounds fill the air. Harper's had his eye on Foster for a few days and isn't about to let this lusty opportunity fly by without test driving the dude's dick; so, he spits on the kid's cock and takes a seat! Bryce grabs his new neighbor's bronze booty and bashes the boy's beautiful butt down onto his hard-on while Harper's happy hog flops around, slapping Bryce's sexy six pack. After the righteous raw ride, Harper hops off and impales Foster's fiercely fuckable fanny once again. Milo has the angel faced fella spread eagle while he buries his big bone in the boy's backyard. Foster's fat phallus seems to lengthen with every thrust from Milo's monster. His big, cum filled balls tighten and the beautiful blond blows his load onto his ripped torso. Milo pulls his perfect piece from Foster's twitching tush and unleashes a hailstorm of fresh, white hot seed that leaves the kid absolutely COVERED in cum! The new neighbors both agree that if this ass banging, cock filled first meeting is any indication of whats to cum, this was definitely the perfect move for Milo.

  • Scene 2. Lusty Teens

    This sex soaked teen scene starts off with a bang! Slithering around on a sexy black leather couch, Grayson Lange and Devin Lewis lick, kiss, and dry hump like the horny high schoolers they are. Pretty soon that dry hump heats up and needs to be hosed down with wet, warm dick lickin' lust. The fired up fellas take turns downing dick between deep kisses and hot handys. Never one to hold his tongue (in more ways than one) Grayson lets Lewis know exactly what he wants, which is to have his smooth pink hole eaten out good. After his tasty treat, Devin grabs Grayson's groin and plunges his raging rod up Lange's love hole. Devin is an amazing top; however, after eyeballing his bottom's boner the kid wants Lange's cock inside his hot little hole, so he hops on and goes for a raw ride. Grayson gives good dirty talk, commenting how tight the boy is while the kid's cock slaps against his sexy six pack. Lewis looks slutty hot on all fours and Lange REALLY lays into the kid, blasting his bunghole hard while his balls slap the teen's tight cheeks in unison. Devin grabs his swaying schlong and strokes up a hefty load of hot spunk that he spreads everywhere. Full steam ahead, our teen top just keeps on truckin' till he looses his load all over bottom boy's beautiful booty. With his smooth ass covered in cream, Devin turns around to thank Grayson with a well earned postcoital kiss for giving his hole exactly what it needed, and then some.

  • Scene 3. Teen Dream

    Young, unassuming and absolutely adorable, Hunter Graham and Alan Davis are in their teen-dream bedroom making out like high schoolers at Lovers Lane! Fresh and new at this, they find their way together with their harder than hard dicks that their boy bodies haven’t even grown into yet! In a hypnotic state of youthful excitement having some fresh cock all to themselves with no parents home, the boys dive in! Naturally curiosity and the need for anal pleasure gets the best of them and when cheeks are spread, an angelic look comes over Hunter’s face and it’s definitely love at first lick. Hunter is in heat and needs more. Alan is more than ready and delivers dick deep inside. You’ll remember the pure pleasure of your first time as Alan pick up some speed and Hunter lets loose his seed! Alan explodes immediately after, doubling down on the delivery already made by his smooth sex-mate!

  • Scene 4. Raw Teens

    Hot teen Hunter Graham is hungry for some cock! The cute red head pulls out good ol' "lets go back to my place," and when you're as hot as Hunter, it ALWAYS works! Giant dicked Jared Scott is his prey. Once Graham gets in those underwear we see what Hunter has been working for, the kid is PACKIN'! Hunter hunkers down on the dick, working the balls and slapping his pretty face with the thing. Scott sucks a mean cock as well, rocking Graham's goods like a penis pro. Having filled up on cock, Jared juts his tongue deep inside Hunter's hiney. The pretty boy is so fresh and new Jared knows this too hot teen needs some loosening up before the main event. Scott grabs his throbbing schlong with his big hand and shoves all of himself in raw and to the balls! Hunter moans like a dick drunk bitch begging for the young stud to "pound his hole." Jared stands up to plow the kid and we get a look at all the good stuff the top is working with! His beautiful smooth skin ripples with sinewy swimmers muscles and his ample ass propels his hips forward as he drives all the dick inside our boy! GLORY! Top twink finally gets at our boy from the front and Graham grabs at his glorious junk with all the gumption a power bottom being plowed to high heaven should! He shoots off like a bottle rocket before big boy whips out and empties his weapon all over Hunter's hole. Then he shoves his dick back in for good measure and kisses his conquest. We close with his monster still lodged lovingly inside.

  • Scene 5. Tight Teens

    Fresh from his after school workout, Jimmy Andrews saunters into Gabe Issac's bedroom cumplaining he's a bit sore.... EVERYWHERE. Isaac takes the bait and offers the sexy blond and his tight muscles a massage which naturally leads the pair to massaging each other's tongues. The clothes come off and we can see BOTH boys have been hitting the gym since the only fat on them is in their big fat cocks! Gabe goes the extra mile with this massage and works the kid's main muscle with his wet mouth. The saying BIG things come in small packages is DEFINITELY true in Andrews situation! Gabe finishes his south of the border boner massage and straddles Jimmy's face with a bounce house big bulge. Jimmy removes his tight black undies and gets smacked right in the face with the dick of life! Gabe grabs him by the back of the head and fucks his face for a bit before Jimmy takes matters into his own hands, gobbling the gargantuan groin to it's base! Even Gabe comments on the twink's talents saying HE can't believe the kid can fit the entire appendage in his mouth! Andrews orders Isaac to bring that ass over so he can put his tongue's talents to work on Gabe's other end and a cock sucking, ass eating 69 ensues. With a wet and ready hole, Gabe sits his ass down on blond boy's big bone bareback and gets to bouncin' as his super sized schlong does the same right in Jimmy's face. Andrews hog hunger has been growing; after all, you can't dangle a dick like THAT in someone's face and expect them NOT to get plowed! Gabe gets his guy on all fours, grabs his goliath and crams that condom free, colossal cock deep into his tiny twink. Jimmy is in jumbo hotdog heaven as he looks back at Isaac doing delicious damage and probably making sure he isn't getting split in two. Keeping it exciting, our boys flip again and Jimmy shoves his Johnson back where it came from with Gabe on his back so he can get a gander at the boy stroking that beautiful behemoth. Gabe's gonads work up a glorious gooey load worthy of his grade A groin which he spits past his pretty pink nips. Jimmy whips his jock from it's warm confines and adds even more gorgeous glaze to Gabe's tight torso.

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